Stalking Dillard's...

Image courtesy of Country Living

Last month while browsing through the September issue of Country Living, I came across this purse in their editorial pages.  The "where to buy" listed Dillard's as the location to purchase the purse (actually, it's a tote bag).  I immediately wanted it.  It's "the" purse I've been looking for.  The price tag was a bit steep for my budget, but I rationalized that if I made and sold enough earrings and necklaces, I would put that money toward the purchase....good thinking, right?  Downright practical.

Off I went to Dillard's to see the purse up close and personal...and couldn't find it or any other purse of that brand.  Online....they had it only in black.  I wanted 'tobacco'.  A week or so later, I was browsing the Dillard's website and IT WAS THERE!  More importantly, the price was reduced!  $158.00 marked down to $110.00.  In the time that it took me to answer a phone call and go get my debit card the item became unavailable once again.  Another week passes....one of those sleepless nights and I find myself on the Dillard's site again.  The item is in stock and unbelievable as it seems, they've marked it down again...to $66.36.  I put it in their "shopping cart",  signed up for their shopping service, and placed the order.  Three days later, the purse of my dreams is mine and I love it!  What I like more is the bargain---not so much the thrill of the chase.

I know it's a long, convoluted story and it's not really indicative of how I usually operate, but I can't explain how happy I feel when I pick up this bag and take off to work!


An unexpected Friday treat...

Today started out to be an almost typical Friday...up early, walk to the Farmer's Market down the street, and then the usual fritter-a-Friday-away type day---reading, watching TV or a DVD, a little laundry---then I got a call from my friend Michelle.  She dropped off two huge white mums on my front porch this morning on her way to work.

I bought four small bronze mums a few weeks ago and still hadn't planted them outside.  I took them out of the window box in my front window, pulled out a few annuals I had growing in a huge planter at the base of my steps, and then proceeded to pot the big mums.  Lots of potting soil later (I have huge 40 qt. bags of the stuff under my back porch), and voila!  My front entryway is finished!

Thank you Michelle!  Truly, it made my day.



Back to work...and I've got to say, I really do function better with structure in my life.  The big news at work is that the parking lot is finally open.  It's been closed off for repairs for the past YEAR.  For the last several months, staff has had to park of premises, either on the street or in the big parking lot behind the local government center.  We've saved the underground parking for patrons.  It's been a gigantic hassle, and with most of the downtown area torn up in some aspect or other (we're building a stadium just down the street from the library) the entire area has been a construction zone.  The lot is open now, and also, after many months our library cafe is opening today...and the menu looks pretty tasty.  They brought a coffee cart through our work area yesterday afternoon with samples, and the coffee was delicious!


Labor Day 2010

Vacation week is officially over at 8 AM tomorrow morning, but it sure feels like it's over now.  Of course, it really doesn't feel like Monday evening...it feels like Sunday evening.  Sunday night "blues" on Monday.

I accomplished a few things this past week, but I always seem to create more of a mess trying to clean, rearrange, whatever...than I had when I started out.  I talked myself out of doing a few things, knowing that the uproar just wouldn't be worth it right now. 

The herbs are still alive in the kitchen window...that's an accomplishment...and I harvested quite a few "sausage" tomatoes.  I've had lots of green tomatoes all summer long...they just wouldn't ripen until this week.  I didn't get my lettuces planted and that's something I really need to do, especially since it's now getting cooler at night.  My only "cool weather" crop.


A not so TGIF...

While generally I love Fridays, a Friday that falls at the end of a vacation week is rather bitter sweet.  Of course, I still have a few days off remaining...I don't head back to work until Tuesday.  This morning's big adventure included a walk to the Farmer's Market.  There were fewer booths this week, but I was still able to purchase what I needed...zucchini, spaghetti squash, butternut squash, and my treat of the week--a carrot cake cupcake!

I carried my camera with me on the few block's trek to the market, but really didn't find anything too photo-worthy other than the Main Street Arch.  Maybe this afternoon I'll wander around the neighborhood and take a few photos.


Autumn, where are you?

September...one of my very most favorite months.  My start of the new year...as opposed to January.  New school supplies, new schedules, new everything.  No new school supplies for me this year, but September always feels so "new"...a breath of fresh, crisp air after a stagnant summer.

I'm ready to at least redecorate the mantel in an autumn theme...and I really need to get the mums in pots outside.  Couldn't resist putting them in the tool tote I got earlier this summer at the in-the-middle-of-nowhere Cinnamon Creek Cabin open house.  Love that place!  The temperatures are supposed to go down at the end of the week---maybe they'll get planted then.

As much as I've enjoyed cool, fresh from the garden meals this summer, I look forward to soups and crock pot meals scenting the air.