Things I Like...

I really don't consider myself to be materialistic;  I generally make-do with what I have (or what I trash-pick).  That said, I do have bunches of art supplies...and crave a few more!  Lately though, I've become pretty committed to what I like and what I don't like.

Teavana Oprah Chai Latte, Teavana Youthberry/Wild Orangeblossom Tea, Tazo Passion Tea

I've never been a fan of milk or cream in my tea (or coffee, for that matter), but a couple of weeks ago I broke down and tried the Oprah Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks.  Truthfully, I've avoided the Oprah tea...I kind of shied away from the "endorsement".  The moment that blend of ginger and cardamom hit my throat I felt rather comforted.  Sounds silly, but it's true.

I got hooked on the Youthberry Wild Orangeblossom blend last year when my brother sent me a package.  Fruity and delicious!  This past summer, I replaced it with a more affordable Tazo Passion tea, served over ice.  Very refreshing and so much less expensive!

iPhone6 (versus the Samsung Galaxy S5 I had for one long, miserable week)

One of the local big box stores had a deal a few weeks ago...trade in your working smart phone and receive a $200. gift card when you purchase a Samsung smart phone.  My "geek" squad person must not have gotten the memo...he said that only the Samsung phone was a qualifying purchase (he was wrong.)  At the time, I figured that the amount I would have to spend for the S5 would more than make up for the loss of an iPhone.  I was so wrong.  I left the store that evening with the Samsung and honestly, a sadness in my heart.  I felt like I had lost an old friend.  How crazy is that?  By weeks' end, the Samsung went back to the store and many hours later I left with another iPhone.  I would still be using my old iPhone, but all of a sudden it heated up and wouldn't hold a charge.  Life is back to normal...#firstworldproblem solved.

That about does it for things I feel strongly about in the "like" category.  While I might "like" something on Facebook...it doesn't mean I'm passionate about it (like I am my iPhone!!).


Fun stuff!

I've just started reading this book (an advanced reader's copy), and it's so on target.  So many times we wish our lives away without doing anything remotely close to attaining our wishes and desires.  Life seems to fly by and, to quote the Dusty Springfield song, "wishin' and hopin, and planning and dreaming" don't seem to get the job done, although planning is key!

This weekend I'm doing something so very exciting!  I'm going to a weekend workshop in Paducah with a friend.  Nina Bagley is teaching her "All Wrapped Up" bracelet/necklace workshop at Ephemera Paducah.  I can't wait!  We're taking off Friday afternoon, and staying the weekend as the class is two days long.  Read about it here...



I know it's not officially summer yet...but WOW!  after the crazy long winter, our weather has gone from cool to ultra-hot in a matter of days.  Not much spring to enjoy, but at least winter is behind us for several months.  My unofficial start to summer was last week.  Our library branch was closed for the week due to a mini-carnival/food-fest in the library neighborhood, adjacent to our building.  Carnival rides, music, etc., were a great reason to close for the week!  Even though I went in for a few hours during the week to take care of a few things, the week was mostly my own.  I needed to prep for a street fair not quite 1/2 block away from my house.  Old Town Sunday Market.  The street was closed for one block, and over 50 vendors participated in this event.  It was pretty fabulous...all kinds of vendors, food booths & trucks (food was in an adjacent parking lot), beer garden, live music.  I shared a vendor booth with a friend, and we were pretty comfortable out in the weather...her tent and the canopy of trees blocked the heat of the sun, and there was a gentle breeze blowing.  

 My side of the booth...not much produced for the event, but enough.  Another friend brought some hand-knitted cloths to sell.  My big seller of the day was scoops of lavender.
 I need to work on my technique for the heart necklaces, but I couldn't improve on the beautiful hand-painted silk ribbons.
Aren't these plants beautiful?  I spotted them on a walk in one of Evansville's historic neighborhoods.


Things I'm not good at...

Writing a grammatically correct sentence, for one.  I am always in the mood to do something new...try something, make something, whatever.  What I'm never (it seems) in the mood for is carry-through.  Ideas--yes.  Follow-through--not so much.

At the beginning of the year, I signed up for A Year of Painting.  Have I even bothered to watch the lessons and create art?  No.  The Documented Life Project?  I stopped documenting weeks ago.  Blogging?  We know how that one goes.  Very, very sporadically.  Plant care?  Awful.  It all looks good when I first plant things in the spring, but as the temperature goes up, I start to hibernate just like it's the dead of winter.

I finished up my planting (all container plants) yesterday afternoon just before the storm hit.  Nothing was damaged by the strong winds and heavy rain.  As I sat on the porch last night, sipping a glass of red wine, I vowed that I would take exceptionally good care of my plants this summer.  No.Matter.What.


Wednesday's Painting Class

I finally finished a painting today in the 'Go with the Flow' class I've been leading at the library.  I started this one two or three classes ago and as I said, finally got around to finishing it...I think!  One never knows when something abstract like this is finished.  I just like the colors...
Many layers, many colors.