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Will this be a return to blogging?

Being is a semi-introvert's dream.  All of this time to finish up projects, read, nap, work on starting a garden (Victory Garden?  Virus Garden?), and enjoy my little family.  I'm so glad that I live with Megan and Vivian.

I don't know where this image came from, but I "lifted" it from a local jewelry designers Facebook posts...Dharma Cowgirl.  She always posts the most amazing images!

What I am working on...

A "Nightshift" shawl with the KnitAlong started by Vicki "Knitorious"
An A-line dress kit received just in time from Alabama Chanin's School of Making
Old WIPS...and there are oh so many!
Organizing my bedroom...also always a WIP
Cooking...the pantry is pretty well stocked, and I'm trying to keep things interesting

What I'm bingeing on streaming services:

The Newsroom on Amazon Prime
Burden of Truth (as opposed to Burden of Proof) on Hulu
3 bites of Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu...I also enjoyed the book

What …

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