Mid-winter mini vacation!

On the beach...a first!

I spent a wonderful, warm few days in Florida with Megan, Vivian, and Kyle.  The flight from Evansville was pretty amazing. One hour and forty four minutes from Evansville to Sanford/Orlando. We stayed on the beach at Cocoa Beach for the first two nights, then moved inward to the Orlando area for the last night of our trip.  Megan, Kyle, and Vivian attended a wedding on Saturday, and I "hung out".  We flew back on Sunday morning.  Quick trip, but pretty enjoyable.  It was good to have Monday off before returning to work today.
Another first!

Delicious seafood tower from Florida Fresh Grill.  Really good.  Going to have to replicate this at home! The cocktail was also delightful...Dark & Stormy--dark rum, ginger-ale, fresh lime.


Wednesday before snow...

While I was sitting at home on holiday break, I kept thinking about wanting to get back into my routine.  Now that I'm in the midst of the routine, I just have to wonder why I was so out of sorts for the past two weeks.  I really should have called the break a 'practice for retirement', so that maybe I would have enjoyed it more.

Speaking of retirement, I received my first pension check yesterday, from a company I haven't worked for since 1984.  Pretty sweet.  There really wasn't much difference it taking it now or holding off for two more years, so I thought that I'd just enjoy that little monthly bonus. I'm thinking it will fund my three day workshop at Ephemera Paducah--TALISMANS WITH SUSAN LENART KAZMER. I can't wait!!
Workshop with Susan Lenart Kazmer at Ephemera Paducah in May



Grateful for:  sleeping all through the night, until 8AM!  I can't remember the last time that happened.  Could the 2 Blue Moons have had anything to do with it?

Currently doing:  scanning through streaming channels to find something interesting to watch. Not having much success.

Thinking about:

  • what's for dinner
  • Folding laundry
  • Running the dishwasher
  • Coffee, tea, or wine?
Accomplished so far today:

  • updated planner
  • Meditated
  • Stretched...baby steps 

Currently reading: Lauren Graham's Talking as Fast as I Can


What I Did This Year...actually, not much!

Other than the "normal" activities that come to mind, it seems like I did a lot of complaining this year. About so many things...

  • the weather (too hot, too cold, too rainy)
  • politics (we won't get into that again, at least for awhile)
  • work (sometimes because I have to, not because I want to)
  • me (too tired, to unenthusiastic, too much!)
Accomplishments for 2016:
  • organized and facilitated many mixed media classes at work.  Lots of Alabama Chanin-inspired projects!
  • purchased my daughter's old car (which was still ten years newer than mine), and felt comfortable/safe enough to do a few road trips...Bloomington, Ohio, middle of nowhere Indiana.
Best things...
  • My daughter had a baby girl...both of them are the best!


What a year...

I wish that I could be bubbling with holiday spirit and goodwill toward all, but just sitting here, on my next to the last day of work in 2016, I just feel fraught with bad vibes.  A media blackout would be the answer.  Not reading Tweets would also be a remedy.  I've decided NOT to worry about having enough retirement funds in two years.  Hell, we'll all probably be disintegrated by nukes long before then. I'm tired of bullies, misogynists, people with no empathy, and frankly, people who are just plain ignorant...people who follow the crowds...lemmings who will walk over the edge.

Off of my soapbox, for now.

Merry Christmas to one and all...and a most joyous, safe New Year.