Hellacious Spring and Summer...

But first, a cute baby picture...
Little Vivian, looking either a little perturbed, or pondering what she wants to get into next.  Always a toss-up. She has just been the best "medicine" for me in the past several months.

On April 1, I was diagnosed with colon cancer.  I had surgery the next day and had 1/3 of my colon removed.  In May I began chemotherapy...not the most pleasant thing in the world, and it seemed like every time I'd go for a treatment, something different would pop up...low blood counts, low potassium, etc., then I'd have to build myself up (funny...) and have the treatment the next week.  It's always something.  Anyway, I'm down to 4 remaining treatments, and my doctor took me off of the "killer" chemical...the one that was knocking my stats down. So, I had a treatment on Thursday and I was able to work a full day on Friday and Saturday.  No 3-day weekend for me!

On the plus side, I've lost 40 pounds...no appetite most days.  On the minus side, my hair has thinned out so much...and the gray hairs are outstanding!  I went to the local wig shop with my friend Carol (who has stuck with me through the long chemo sessions), and we found a wig that looked like my hair did before cancer, only better!  Hopefully the insurance company will reimburse me--it's called a cranial prosthesis...not a wig.

In the meantime, I haven't planted anything and my house is a mess.  No energy, but I'm feeling so much better!



  • Enjoying spending time with Vivian.  She loves those rabbit ears!
  • Knitting...still working on that first sock.  I've signed up for another knitting class at another library, and it begins on April 4.  We're working on a shawlette or scarf.  Linus is the pattern name and it is a free download on Ravelry.
  • Reading...

Stamped Metal Jewelry by Adrianne Surian

DIY Hand Lettering by Melissa Averinos and Asharae Kroll

She Sheds by Erika Kotite

I have flipped through this book dozens of times in the last week.  So many wonderful little hideaways and studios.  This is my favorite...

 Paige Morse's La Casita.  So exquisitely beautiful, inside and out.  I would love to have all 250 square feet of it to live in.

This is actually what I could have in my little backyard...
Via Pinterest
I think I'll make it my late Spring project...definitely doable, even with my lack of  skills. Anyone have any old doors to spare?


Things that make me happy...

Words just cannot express...I love anything Frida, and these emojis are pretty hysterical!  They add so much to my meager text messages.

I totally love Trader Joe's.  We visited the location in Louisville this past Saturday and now my fridge and pantry are stocked with delicious items!  I know that Aldi is a "sister" company, and I do lots of my shopping there locally.  TJ's is the fun place though!

Another fun place to shop...grocery items from around the world, and fun household items.  I usually shop this place online, but Louisville had a location in the same shopping center as TJ's.  They also had another of my favorites...

For several years I would buy spices and herbs at places like Rural King...all priced at 99 cents or less.  After trying Penzeys spices, it's impossible to revert.  They have so many blends and individual herbs and spices...something for everyone!  They are also located in that same little shopping center in Louisville.  Almost one stop shopping...awful traffic in the lot, but still...all of my favorites in one location!


March 13...the first real snow of the 2016/2017 season...

This had been a pretty spectacular winter...plenty of blue skies and sunshine, and more importantly, plenty of warmish weather.  When the temperatures are in the 60's and 70's for most of February and the beginning of March, it's such a good thing!

Today (worst Monday of the year...the Monday morning after DST becomes a "thing"), it was super-gloomy.  By the time I got to work, snow started flying.  Granted, it isn't sticking to the roadways, but it is piling up on the grass and trees.

Our little daffodil garden is covered!  According to the weather service, this will all turn to rain this afternoon, and by the end of the week it should be near 60 again.  No real complaints...we aren't in the mess many along the upper midwest and east coast are in.


Making crepe paper flowers...

A few weeks ago, a friend donated a gigantic batch of books.  Most of these were crafting books, knitting, stencils, embroidery, and several clip art books/cd's.  I've been going through them and putting together library programs.  This is a super interesting one from 1922:

 Note the price...ten cents!  It has directions for making over thirty different flowers.  I want to try to make a lotus flower...looks easy enough, but we'll see!
Lotus Flower directions