First snow of the season....

...and I don't care.  We totally skipped autumn here.  We went from blazing hot summer directly into winter, or maybe I should say cold, gloomy weather.  The first snow/freezing rain event happened yesterday on November 14.  Way too early!  The ground is covered this morning, and the road in front of the house looks slick--and it is a curvy, hilly road. 

Here's a view from "the penthouse", through the blind slats.  I'm off work through next Tuesday...combination of birthday holiday and a floating holiday for Thanksgiving next week.  My only thing to look forward to, in regard to leaving the house, is an adventure with my friend Carol.  We're finally going to go to Ferdinand's Christkindlmarkt on Saturday.  We've been talking about going for years!


...as if you're life depended on it.

I wish that I didn't have an interest in politics.  I wish that I didn't wake up in the middle of a somewhat restless sleep and think about the way the world is turning.  But I do.  I care about what is happening here and there...those people "the caravan" will be at our border at Thanksgiving.  Greeting them with armed forces isn't very welcoming, is it?  If we were in a terrifying situation and needed to leave, wouldn't it be nice to think that we have a safe place to go?  Put it in perspective...if you were a battered woman and you needed to get out of that situation (maybe along with your child(ren)), wouldn't you want a safe space?  Thank goodness we at least recognize that problem here in Evansville.  We don't need to be caretakers for the world, but we do need to show compassion, and not vitriol. Vote tomorrow...because your life does depend on it.



September always feels like the start of a new year.  New experiences, new outlook, and hopefully, "new" weather...crispy, perhaps!

I'm on week three of an online library class.  I need it to keep my librarian certification, since I don't have an MLS (I have a Masters in Public Service Administration).  This online class seems to have a lot of moving parts...lots to keep track of.  I think that I'd perfer an "in person" class, but it is cost prohibitive.  As it is, I pay for this class (and the four others I need to take) even though it is a requirement of my job.  What's the fun in that?

Other projects:

Art journaling.  I love the idea of it, get all of the "stuff" for it--and by that, I mean drag out all of my art supplies--and then I end up staring at a blank journal page.  Draw Your Day is a wonderful "you can do it!!" book.  Beautiful illustrations, and just enough push to get you started.

Other projects:
Pre-Halloween decorating
Playing with Vivian

Life is fairly smooth now (other than that pesky class!), so I'm grateful for that.


Garden Dreaming...

Frida Kahlo Rose
Now that I will be moving into a house with an actual yard, I've been thinking about gardening.  Mostly vegetable gardening, but then I came across this beautiful rose, so now all I can think about is flower gardening.

I can't wait to get moved...my daughter and her family have started the move, but the previous owners of the house left some heavy unusable furniture in my space.  I have until the end of the month to vacate my apartment, but since I'm off for four days beginning this Thursday, I want to get EVERYTHING ready to go! 

Then...I want to start ordering some plants...herbs, flowers, all of that stuff!  We have window boxes to fill and lots of space for all kinds of gardens.  Can't wait!


The only good thing about snow...

The temperature last Thursday was 64 degrees.  Rainy, but still...64 degrees in mid-January.  I'll take it, right?  Around midnight, the rain changed to freezing rain and sleet.  It then turned to snow sometime after daylight.  Fortunately, I pulled my windshield wipers away from the window and tucked them into little plastic bags, just like they featured on Good Morning, America Thursday morning. Also fortunately, I had a full pantry and refrigerator.  Around 8 PM Thursday evening I was notified by group text that the libraries would be closed on Friday...Yay!!  I immediately sent out a text to the employees at my little branch library.  All were happy.  After all, who wants to drive around in snow and ice?  Friday evening was a repeat...the libraries were closed on Saturday.  Our location is never open on Sunday, and Monday was a holiday.  A four day weekend.  The bad news...no one plowed the parking lot of the huge complex where I live.  All told, we had nearly eight inches of snow over two days...then the temperature really dropped and we woke up to actual -2 degrees yesterday.  Snow is messy...ice is messier.  I finally dislodged my car from the parking place late yesterday afternoon, and managed to drive to work today without incident.

Since I was off, I played around with a few cocktail recipes...the one shown below is a Boulevardier, consisting of bourbon, Campari, and sweet vermouth.  I saw the recipe on Smitten Kitchen's Instagram feed.  Pretty good! A few of my other cocktail creations were a Dark & Stormy, a Negroni, and some plain old red wine.  It's been ages since I've had alcohol, and it was fun experimenting with new to me recipes.

The other thing I enjoyed was having plenty of hot beverages...teas, hot chocolate, and of course, coffee.

The time off from work was excellent, but it's nice to be back around people...I could turn into such a hermit!