Baking and cheese making...

In the "learn something new" part of my life, yesterday I learned how to make mozzarella cheese.  Making and baking French bread was also part of the class, but I bake bread pretty often.  This was a quick and easy recipe though.

There were seven of us in the class in the charming little town of New Harmony.  My only disappointment in the day was when I found out that my favorite shopping destination in  New Harmony is now closed on Sundays.  I had been looking forward to shopping there after the cooking class, but it was not to be.
I cannot believe that I made fresh mozzarella!  As soon as I got home, I located the ingredients I need to make more cheese.  Nothing too drastic...citric acid (which I've used before), rennet, and "cheese salt."  Just so I would get free shipping, I added a mascarpone cheese kit.  Who doesn't love mascarpone?  Tiramisu and other wonderful things, here I come!
The class ran longer than I thought it would...10AM-1:30, but I learned lots of stuff.  Always a good thing.
I learned that I would love to have an induction cook top (or maybe just a burner).  What a cool gadget.
Instant heat, instant off.  No residual burner heat.
Right after everyone at home got up from afternoon naps, we had a snack of tomato bruschetta, with fresh basil (from the windowsill), mozzarella, and homemade cheese and bread.  Pretty delicious!  This might become a dangerous habit.

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