End of the year, part 2


     "Watercooler" talk today...Bridgerton. I would never knowingly in my ancient age, pick up a paperback romance.  Watching it is entirely a different thing!  Beautiful costumes, music, gardens, etc.  Not to mention the eye-candy of the Duke.  I generally love anything from Shonda Rhimes, and this was just so good!  Eight episodes to watch during a gloomy, cold day.  I mentioned it to my two part time staffers today, one had watched it, the other will be jumping on the bandwagon when she gets home from work.  So nice to have something to talk about that is not political!


     Lots of unfinished "business" for 2020...my Goodreads goal was not met, and won't be, unless I add lots of children's books.  They count, don't they?  I've updated my planner for the year with birthdays, appointments, etc., so that' s ready to go.  This week finds me preparing for one of January's book discussions via Facebook for the library.  It is This Side of Paradise by one of my very favorite authors, F. Scott Fitzgerald.  The book takes place beginning in 1920...think of the 1918 Pandemic, prohibition, smoky jazz clubs...I hope the discussion is lively.

     One more day of work until a two day holiday, then back to work on Saturday (boo).  I still have lots of organizing to accomplish before the stroke of midnight Thursday.  Too much stuff!

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