January 4

 Seems like there are lots of Frida Kahlo "things" out there.  Books, dolls, and now quote cards.  I love all things Frida.  Strong, courageous, witty...too bad Diego was such a dick.

After an another weekend of WTAF "news", it's good to get back to work, and hopefully one day soon I'll actually know what day it is.  One super good thing about work since mid-March is that music can flow...Spotify every day.  It will be missed when we open back up to the public.

Things at home are popping.  Megan is on a home repair/home dec kick.  She has become really good at doing home upgrades.  We got a barn door slide ready to hang between a cold enclosed sunporch and the house...no door was there, and it gets a bit drafty.  I love the look of barn doors, and I'm hoping this takes care of the drafts.  

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Catching Up

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