A few of my favorite things...

 Day Designer   

I've been using Day Designer products for four years.  I love the allotted space for each date and the format for the planner.  I was gifted one the first year, and purchased the next two from Target or Staples.  This year I sprung for the original sized planner.  Here's hoping that 2021 will actually have something to plan for, other than retirement at the end of May! 

Peg & Awl Sendak Artists Roll

I've admired this product for a few years.  I finally ordered one this past month and love it.  There's room inside for a variety of pencils, brushes, tools, and papers.  Neat, organized, and ready to go.

Johnny Was Masks

Masks...while I'm tired of wearing them, I do get a kick of finding new and interesting ones.  Johnny Was has several varieties, mostly priced at 5/$25, with free shipping.  They ship quickly, and as a bonus, I'm on the mailing list for catalogs.  Overpriced clothing, but it's interesting.  I'll just stick with the masks.

Alabama Chanin School of Making Kits

I have loved Alabama Chanin clothing since I bought the first AC book in 2007.  This year I've "collected" four key pieces to work on in the above mentioned retirement phase of life.  The wrap top is my latest purchase, now nested alongside the Long Skirt, the Factory Dress, and a partially finished poncho.

Ugg Boots

I have hated Ugg boots for as long as I knew what they were.  I thought they were ugly, clunky, and in-general unattractive.  Since then, and since chemo nearly three years ago, I've suffered from cold feet and general foot pain.  Ugg to the rescue.  They're comfortable, cozy, and yes...still unattractive.  They don't hurt my feet, so that's a plus in my book!

I have lots of favorite things, but this is just a small portion of things that have brought me joy this year.
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