American Summer at Cinnamon Creek Cabin

Saturday morning...a perfect day for a little day trip across the river into Kentucky.  My friend Michelle and I explored Cinnamon Creek Cabin, a little cabin/gift emporium on the far outskirts of Owensboro.  Today was their American Summer Open House, and lots of handmade goodies were everywhere...soaps, candles, stitched items, minnow bucket and funnel lanterns...oh my.
Old rocking chairs with grainsack pillows...a tree in the center of the cabin...a refreshing "finger bowl" of lemon and mint...

Jewelry, lots and lots of burlap items and mason jar filled goodies.  Doesn't the bedroom look like a MaryJane's farm bedroom?  Farm/cabin glamour at its finest!

Our trip also included stops at a few antique malls...we had a great time!


Mad Red Hare said…
Yes, indeed, we did have a blast!
Vee said…
Looks as if you and your friend are having a fun time. Yes, that certainly does have a Mary Jane look to it! Very nice.
Teresa, Teresa, Teresa!!! Love this...thanks so much for sharing all the pictures, I am so overdue for an outing like this and I love what you shared!!!