Back to work...and I've got to say, I really do function better with structure in my life.  The big news at work is that the parking lot is finally open.  It's been closed off for repairs for the past YEAR.  For the last several months, staff has had to park of premises, either on the street or in the big parking lot behind the local government center.  We've saved the underground parking for patrons.  It's been a gigantic hassle, and with most of the downtown area torn up in some aspect or other (we're building a stadium just down the street from the library) the entire area has been a construction zone.  The lot is open now, and also, after many months our library cafe is opening today...and the menu looks pretty tasty.  They brought a coffee cart through our work area yesterday afternoon with samples, and the coffee was delicious!


Vee said...

I've been reading and enjoying your posts. Glad that you're back to work where there's a parking lot and delicious coffee. These things do make a huge difference in morale. My sister had a similar situation walking for over a mile to get to her car. Sometimes it was so bad weatherwise that security would drive her there. Crazy! Who wants to work in conditions like that. Now enjoy your coffee!

Janet said...

The pears look tasty too!

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