Labor Day 2010

Vacation week is officially over at 8 AM tomorrow morning, but it sure feels like it's over now.  Of course, it really doesn't feel like Monday evening...it feels like Sunday evening.  Sunday night "blues" on Monday.

I accomplished a few things this past week, but I always seem to create more of a mess trying to clean, rearrange, whatever...than I had when I started out.  I talked myself out of doing a few things, knowing that the uproar just wouldn't be worth it right now. 

The herbs are still alive in the kitchen window...that's an accomplishment...and I harvested quite a few "sausage" tomatoes.  I've had lots of green tomatoes all summer long...they just wouldn't ripen until this week.  I didn't get my lettuces planted and that's something I really need to do, especially since it's now getting cooler at night.  My only "cool weather" crop.

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myletterstoemily said...

what a glorious pot of herbs!

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