An unexpected Friday treat...

Today started out to be an almost typical Friday...up early, walk to the Farmer's Market down the street, and then the usual fritter-a-Friday-away type day---reading, watching TV or a DVD, a little laundry---then I got a call from my friend Michelle.  She dropped off two huge white mums on my front porch this morning on her way to work.

I bought four small bronze mums a few weeks ago and still hadn't planted them outside.  I took them out of the window box in my front window, pulled out a few annuals I had growing in a huge planter at the base of my steps, and then proceeded to pot the big mums.  Lots of potting soil later (I have huge 40 qt. bags of the stuff under my back porch), and voila!  My front entryway is finished!

Thank you Michelle!  Truly, it made my day.

1 comment:

Vee said...

Wow! We all need a Michelle in our lives. What a thoughtful thing to do!

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