Stalking Dillard's...

Image courtesy of Country Living

Last month while browsing through the September issue of Country Living, I came across this purse in their editorial pages.  The "where to buy" listed Dillard's as the location to purchase the purse (actually, it's a tote bag).  I immediately wanted it.  It's "the" purse I've been looking for.  The price tag was a bit steep for my budget, but I rationalized that if I made and sold enough earrings and necklaces, I would put that money toward the purchase....good thinking, right?  Downright practical.

Off I went to Dillard's to see the purse up close and personal...and couldn't find it or any other purse of that brand.  Online....they had it only in black.  I wanted 'tobacco'.  A week or so later, I was browsing the Dillard's website and IT WAS THERE!  More importantly, the price was reduced!  $158.00 marked down to $110.00.  In the time that it took me to answer a phone call and go get my debit card the item became unavailable once again.  Another week passes....one of those sleepless nights and I find myself on the Dillard's site again.  The item is in stock and unbelievable as it seems, they've marked it down again...to $66.36.  I put it in their "shopping cart",  signed up for their shopping service, and placed the order.  Three days later, the purse of my dreams is mine and I love it!  What I like more is the bargain---not so much the thrill of the chase.

I know it's a long, convoluted story and it's not really indicative of how I usually operate, but I can't explain how happy I feel when I pick up this bag and take off to work!


Vee said...

(I waited to see if either of the comments I made earlier showed up. I didn't think that they would as it's been that 503 error all over the place today.)

What a bargain and what a story! Guess that I'll try to remember it the next time I feel frustrated that things aren't going just the way that I had hoped.

Enjoy that purse!

Heidi said...

Too cute! Now I want a new purse! I do love the HUNT story of the purse, wonder if I could find it on eBay...

Hope you're doing well!
Hugs, Heidi

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