I can't believe how fast September flew by.  This entire year has just flown...sometimes the individual days seemed excruciatingly long, but as a whole...wow!

I volunteered to help at the Art, Wine & Jazz Fest this year.  It's my "new" thing...volunteer to help at functions I want to attend--thus, saving admission money.  It's a great opportunity to meet new people and it has worked into my monthly challenge to myself--to do something outside of my comfort zone.  One of the art booths at the festival really fascinated me...check her website here.  Beautiful jewelry, handbags, and totes.

 For the past several months it's been hot (beyond "hot") in the Evansville area.  Seventy days above 90 degrees...plus the humidity.  We finally got a taste of autumn early this past week...last night was downright cold---now begins the countdown to when I'll break down and turn on the furnace.  I believe it was December 7th last year...I'm hoping to hold out longer in 2010.

Slow down, October...you're one of my favorite months!


Vee said...

Great idea to volunteer and save admission prices. I'm going to be visiting the link provided, too.

December 7? Oh my heavens! You must have grit. Our furnace has already been on.

Teresa said...

No grit, Vee...I'm just cheap!

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