Autumn, where are you?

September...one of my very most favorite months.  My start of the new year...as opposed to January.  New school supplies, new schedules, new everything.  No new school supplies for me this year, but September always feels so "new"...a breath of fresh, crisp air after a stagnant summer.

I'm ready to at least redecorate the mantel in an autumn theme...and I really need to get the mums in pots outside.  Couldn't resist putting them in the tool tote I got earlier this summer at the in-the-middle-of-nowhere Cinnamon Creek Cabin open house.  Love that place!  The temperatures are supposed to go down at the end of the week---maybe they'll get planted then.

As much as I've enjoyed cool, fresh from the garden meals this summer, I look forward to soups and crock pot meals scenting the air.

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Kristen White said...

Love your window box,very cute! I am looking forward to fall too!

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