Happy Father's Day, Dad...

Here's another piece from my $5.00 rummage sale collection...I forgot to take a picture of it Friday.  When I first spotted it, I didn't realize it was an aftershave bottle...I just really like the hand form.  My first thought was to fill it with buttons, but the opening is a little hole in the glass top...not plastic like most things are today.  As with the Fenton Milk Glass Lavabo (thank you so much for identifying it, Bernie*), I'll have to rethink its purpose.

Father's Day has dawned hot and humid (again)...I've already spoken to my dad (and mom!) in Ohio, and it's super hot there too.  With the first day of summer arriving tomorrow morning, here's hoping for lower humidty and comfortable temperatures!


What $5.00 will buy...

The church around the corner started their annual rummage sale this morning at 7AM.  My friend Michelle and I were there shortly after.  So many treasures!  We pulled my cart along with us, usually a sure sign of not finding anything worth buying.  Wrong...

The fun thing about this sale is that nothing is priced.  You take your purchases to a the cashier's table and the ladies look things over and quote you a price, usually sounding like they would quibble if that's what you want to do.  I pulled my items out of the cart and the lady asked if $5.00 was okay for the lot.  Heck, yes!

The brass candleabra (soon to be painted), a nice picnic basket (for Farmer's Market use),

the tiny copper oil lamp --with an extra hurricane

A silver ????, and a "milk glass" I don't know what to call it...

and a new to me mailbox...larger than the one by the front door and so much nicer looking.  All for $5.00.  Love it! 

After the rummage sale, we pulled the cart on to the Farmer's Market a few blocks further.  Fresh green beans, blackberries, zucchini...yum!


A day for me...{mental health day??}

Yesterday afternoon I requested a day off...I wanted/needed a day to just putter around, and so far, that's what I've been doing.  A little coffee drinking, a lot of Crystal Lite drinking (cherry pomegranate--the best!!), some blog reading, and as far as puttering goes--some soap making.  I just Googled "pantry cakes" and I've found a recipe I want to try...my friend Michelle bought one this weekend, and I decided to make my own to either display on a cake plate or to put into an old wooden bowl.  Either way, they will smell cinnamony delicious (and no calories or "points" since they're inedible!!).

Once again, it's a hot and humid day.  I have a little yard work to do, but it's going to have to wait until early evening.


A Farmer's Market Bouquet

Hot and humid...the mantra for the past several days and for the next several. 

Seems like it rains all around us, but not here.  Watering the plants is the only outdoor priority for me.  Other than that, I've been spending my time reading and relaxing.  Love it!


American Summer at Cinnamon Creek Cabin

Saturday morning...a perfect day for a little day trip across the river into Kentucky.  My friend Michelle and I explored Cinnamon Creek Cabin, a little cabin/gift emporium on the far outskirts of Owensboro.  Today was their American Summer Open House, and lots of handmade goodies were everywhere...soaps, candles, stitched items, minnow bucket and funnel lanterns...oh my.
Old rocking chairs with grainsack pillows...a tree in the center of the cabin...a refreshing "finger bowl" of lemon and mint...

Jewelry, lots and lots of burlap items and mason jar filled goodies.  Doesn't the bedroom look like a MaryJane's farm bedroom?  Farm/cabin glamour at its finest!

Our trip also included stops at a few antique malls...we had a great time!

Baking and cheese making...

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