Happy Father's Day, Dad...

Here's another piece from my $5.00 rummage sale collection...I forgot to take a picture of it Friday.  When I first spotted it, I didn't realize it was an aftershave bottle...I just really like the hand form.  My first thought was to fill it with buttons, but the opening is a little hole in the glass top...not plastic like most things are today.  As with the Fenton Milk Glass Lavabo (thank you so much for identifying it, Bernie*), I'll have to rethink its purpose.

Father's Day has dawned hot and humid (again)...I've already spoken to my dad (and mom!) in Ohio, and it's super hot there too.  With the first day of summer arriving tomorrow morning, here's hoping for lower humidty and comfortable temperatures!


Vee said…
Interesting aftershave bottle...the hands must represent all that slapping. ;> (Hot and humid here today, too.)

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