A day for me...{mental health day??}

Yesterday afternoon I requested a day off...I wanted/needed a day to just putter around, and so far, that's what I've been doing.  A little coffee drinking, a lot of Crystal Lite drinking (cherry pomegranate--the best!!), some blog reading, and as far as puttering goes--some soap making.  I just Googled "pantry cakes" and I've found a recipe I want to try...my friend Michelle bought one this weekend, and I decided to make my own to either display on a cake plate or to put into an old wooden bowl.  Either way, they will smell cinnamony delicious (and no calories or "points" since they're inedible!!).

Once again, it's a hot and humid day.  I have a little yard work to do, but it's going to have to wait until early evening.


Vee said…
Mental health days were always a favorite for me because they always meant staying at home and puttering just as you've done. Thanks for the drink recommendation. I'll look for it!