Just a week until Christmas...and I'm looking forward to the big event being over. For some reason or other, I just can't get into the holiday spirit. It seems that so many people are overwhelmed by the shopping craziness and have forgotten the reason for the season. I've always enjoyed the week between Christmas and New Year's...it's become more of a time to reflect and rejuvinate to prepare for the coming year.
One thing I am looking forward to is a visit from my parents. I hope the weather doesn't cancel the visit.
Off to lunch with a friend...and a little grocery shopping. Ugh! Hope it's not too crazy at Sam's Club--but who am I kidding?

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Mosaic Monday, Norwegian Style

Once again, I find myself clicking through Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian blogs...all of the photography is so beautiful. I love the zinc, white, and greenery. Poor man's silver (silvered glass) is something I've been collecting for the past few years. Nice, since it doesn't tarnish. The best part of looking at these blogs is the automatic translation of the pages with Google Translate. It's the best!

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Photos: Ellis, Country by Mail, and Country House; mosaic uploaded by me

Sunday Morning...

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Fa la la Friday

Today is the start of a three day weekend for me...the benefit of working all last weekend. No plans to even leave the house...a weekend of baking, cleaning, and relaxing. I've gathered some interesting recipes this week and I'm anxious to try them out.

I've brought a few DVDs home from the library...Angels & Demons and Public Enemy (Johnny Depp as Dillinger)...and I'll probably watch a few Christmas movies--A Christmas Story, for sure.

Photo Credit: MidWest Living

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White Wednesday

1)BHG.com 2) BHG.com 3) mine 4) Under A Blue Moon 5) ?
6) mine 7) RS Home 8) ? 9) BHG.com 10) BHG.com
11) Crabapple Hill Studio 12) Dove Grey Studio 13) mine
14 & 15) BHG.com

A few of my favorite white images. I just hope to not see number 13 (unlucky number 13?) this winter in Evansville.

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It's a rainy, rainy Tuesday here in Evansville...I'm thankful it's not snowy as it is just to our north and west. I'll take a rain over snow any day.

I have a final exam this evening, so I've taken the day off to study and regroup. It's a good day to be at home. Before any studying is started, I've got to do a quick pick-up of clutter. I swear it grows overnight!



All of a sudden this morning, I decided to do something with all of the burlap I purchased a few weeks ago. Originally purchased to make curtains for the sunporch...now a scalloped mantel cloth. Just an experiment, so now that I've seen how it looks, I'm going to remove it, try to press a crease in it, and sew on a little lace or ribbon.

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Scenes from around the house...

Every year I have a little internal battle...do I bring in the geraniums, or do I just yank them out of the pots and throw them in the compost pile...or, more likely, let them freeze and die in the pots? I'm not good at keeping plants alive inside, but the geraniums still look pretty fabulous for December 2nd. It's rained all day here, and the temperature has dropped to 36 degrees. All day...do I bring them in, or do I just forget about them...

Well, they're safely inside, looking pretty perky in the entryway. Lots of buds ready to bloom. I think the plan this year will be to try to root some cuttings from them. If it works, I'll have 'free' geraniums for the spring; if not, I'm not out anything.
A few Santa banks...the cast iron Santa in the middle is marked Hobart...from Hobart Manufacturing in Troy, Ohio. The others are reproductions.

Colorful ornaments in my bargain 'bridge dish' from the Santa Stroll in Huntingburg a few weeks ago.

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Decorating Collage-Tiny Trees

{Click to enlarge}
Tiny tree decorating is 'big'in my house this year. I've taken some ideas from MidWest Living and Coastal Living...these are some of the inspiration photos from the magazines.

Looking forward to the blog party at Bella Dreams on Saturday...


December--Rabbit! Rabbit!

Festive bunnies for the first day of the month...Rabbit, Rabbit!

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