Fa la la Friday

Today is the start of a three day weekend for me...the benefit of working all last weekend. No plans to even leave the house...a weekend of baking, cleaning, and relaxing. I've gathered some interesting recipes this week and I'm anxious to try them out.

I've brought a few DVDs home from the library...Angels & Demons and Public Enemy (Johnny Depp as Dillinger)...and I'll probably watch a few Christmas movies--A Christmas Story, for sure.

Photo Credit: MidWest Living

Currently Reading: I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas by Anna Getty


Pam @ Frippery said...

Sounds like heaven!

Mad Red Hare said...

Sounds like a plan to me! Unfortunately, I haven't gotten any presents bought yet. I would love to bake, but I would have to give it all away!

countrygarden said...

Have a lovely weekend and sounds wonderful. I may do the same. We are surrounded with much snow and it is very cold. Happy to have found your blog, it is fresh and beautiful!

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