Just a week until Christmas...and I'm looking forward to the big event being over. For some reason or other, I just can't get into the holiday spirit. It seems that so many people are overwhelmed by the shopping craziness and have forgotten the reason for the season. I've always enjoyed the week between Christmas and New Year's...it's become more of a time to reflect and rejuvinate to prepare for the coming year.
One thing I am looking forward to is a visit from my parents. I hope the weather doesn't cancel the visit.
Off to lunch with a friend...and a little grocery shopping. Ugh! Hope it's not too crazy at Sam's Club--but who am I kidding?

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Brenda Pruitt said...

I absolutely and totally agree with you! I try not to go into stores right now. Depresses me with all the shiny boxes and people running to and fro!

Pam @ Frippery said...

So true. This year with hubs out of work we have cut WAY back. Just giving the kids a few things and something for nieces and nephews. I cannot tell you how much more enjoyable this has been. No agonizing over the perfect gifts for one another or in-laws etc. Kids are easy to please. The emphasis has been on enjoying the season and one another, friends and family. If he found a job tomorrow making double what he made I think this will be our Christmas routine from now on. I do look forward to the weeks after the holidays as a time of renewal and relaxation.

Suzanne MacCrone Rogers • Italian Girl in Georgia™ said...

Oh my gosh! I sent my husband to Sam's Club today for some French cut lamb chops and it was a mad house! Your Christmas mantle is lovely and like you, I also like to take some time to reflect between Christmas and New Years.

Have a great one.


Joy Jones said...

Hi Teresa! I so agree with you about the Christmas hub bub. I also like the week between Christmas and the New Year. Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting about the Easy Buckeyes In A Pan...they are really yummy and I hope you get a chance to make a batch. Merry Christmas! ~ xo Joy

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