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Every year I have a little internal battle...do I bring in the geraniums, or do I just yank them out of the pots and throw them in the compost pile...or, more likely, let them freeze and die in the pots? I'm not good at keeping plants alive inside, but the geraniums still look pretty fabulous for December 2nd. It's rained all day here, and the temperature has dropped to 36 degrees. All day...do I bring them in, or do I just forget about them...

Well, they're safely inside, looking pretty perky in the entryway. Lots of buds ready to bloom. I think the plan this year will be to try to root some cuttings from them. If it works, I'll have 'free' geraniums for the spring; if not, I'm not out anything.
A few Santa banks...the cast iron Santa in the middle is marked Hobart...from Hobart Manufacturing in Troy, Ohio. The others are reproductions.

Colorful ornaments in my bargain 'bridge dish' from the Santa Stroll in Huntingburg a few weeks ago.

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