Fruits and flowers...

Still craving color here along the river; we had a burst of sunlight just before sundown Thursday after a very gloomy week. As I recall, that's it for the week. We're still foggy, rainy, and gloomy---but not freezing. This is good.
I went for color as I grocery-shopped yesterday...carrots, cucumbers, lettuces, lemons, limes, tangerines...and flowers. Two more sets of violets and primroses doomed to an unpredictable future in my house. I hope they survive the remainder of the winter!


Monday at home...

Gloom and fog (and frog---frosty fog) have been having an extended stay here along the river. The temperatures during the day have at least been somewhat of a treat...the bone shivering cold has left temporarily, I'm sure. This is the time of year I need an infusion of color...any color.

I received my pattern order from Crabapple Hill Studios on Friday, and immediately went out to pick up floss...even though I had plenty, I wanted "new" floss---just for the pure color inspiration. While I was out, I picked up the latest issue of Somerset Life---also filled with colorful inspiration. I love the coffee filter crafts---the pink/teastained wreath and kissing ball are definitely on my "to do" for Valentine's Day.

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Be Present...

I did it again this morning...sitting in my chair, drinking that first cup of coffee of the day--I pushed my mind ahead to the end of the week. I hate when I do that, and this year I'm going to try (and it will be hard) to live more in the moment. The year has started with work--Saturday and Sunday and for the next four days (plus school on Tuesday evening) --will it kill me, I ask? I started thinking about the upcoming three day weekend. I've done that for the last several years...skipping my thoughts over the current situation and fixating on time off. Time goes by quickly enough without me doing major time skips.

This year I'd like to eke out as much quality time from each day that can be had...be more productive, be more organized, and definitely be present.

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It's Complicated

On New Year's Eve Eve, I went to lunch with my friend Carol. Lunch at Grand Traverse Pie Company...pie...so good. After, we went to the movies to see It's Complicated.

The pictures shown today are from the movie. Jane (Meryl Streep) had a fabulous house in Santa Barbara, with a fabulous potting shed and an even more fabulous garden. On top of all that, she had a fabulous business called The Bakery. Beautiful, envy-producing elements of a life.

Who wouldn't love this kitchen garden? One of the dishes Jane fixed for her architect was Croque Monsieur...ham and cheese. It looked so delicious, I found a recipe for it and had it for dinner last night (preceded by a trip to Sam's to get gruyere). It was pretty tasty, as was the movie. As my friend commented, all of the "good parts" weren't shown in the trailer. P.S. Loved the purse she carried, too.

Photos: It's Complicated website

Happy New Year!

"A new year is unfolding--like a blossom with petals curled tightly concealing the beauty within."
--unknown author