Monday at home...

Gloom and fog (and frog---frosty fog) have been having an extended stay here along the river. The temperatures during the day have at least been somewhat of a treat...the bone shivering cold has left temporarily, I'm sure. This is the time of year I need an infusion of color...any color.

I received my pattern order from Crabapple Hill Studios on Friday, and immediately went out to pick up floss...even though I had plenty, I wanted "new" floss---just for the pure color inspiration. While I was out, I picked up the latest issue of Somerset Life---also filled with colorful inspiration. I love the coffee filter crafts---the pink/teastained wreath and kissing ball are definitely on my "to do" for Valentine's Day.

Currently Reading: The Complete Magnolia Bakery Cookbook
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Vee said...

Love your flossy flowers! Color is pretty exciting in January when the entire world seems white. Hope that you'll show us your project one day.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I know I need some color this time of year too. I haven't made it to the bookstore yet to get the new issue of Somerset. They really have the lovelies magazines!


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