Fruits and flowers...

Still craving color here along the river; we had a burst of sunlight just before sundown Thursday after a very gloomy week. As I recall, that's it for the week. We're still foggy, rainy, and gloomy---but not freezing. This is good.
I went for color as I grocery-shopped yesterday...carrots, cucumbers, lettuces, lemons, limes, tangerines...and flowers. Two more sets of violets and primroses doomed to an unpredictable future in my house. I hope they survive the remainder of the winter!


Vee said…
Oh exquisite color! Will you be sharing this via Mary's Monday Mosaic? It's a delight that others should enjoy, too. Have a happy Sunday, Teresa...and a relaxing one.
Mad Red Hare said…
This weather has been a total downer. I am running to the store this afternoon and buying a little pot of daffodils I saw there earlier. I need some sunshine!
such gorgeous colors! they perked me up right