Hearts Aplenty...

Photos from BHG.com, except lower left primroses (my photo), and heart on a peg (unknown blog...isn't it pretty?)

It's a usual Sunday morning here along the river...CBS Sunday morning on the TV, coffee at hand, and I'm thinking of what to do for the rest of the day.  Football? (doubt it), DVD's (the third season of The Tudors), projects...embroidery, jewelry making, sewing?  Magazines?....lots in my pile to look at...Where Women Create, Apronology, Country Living...I love days like this.

I have a one week break from school.  Statistics just about did me in.  I can read and understand them, but do I really need to know how to arrive at them?  And all of the ways to do it?  I think not.  The next class is entitled Applied Research/Program Evaluation...proposal writing, critiques, and evaluations.  Delightful.  As I see it, it's just this class and a grantwriting class between me and the Master's Degree (that, and endless years of student loan repayment...).

It's a sunny day here...we had a gloomy, rainy (but not too much snow) Friday and Saturday and the first part of the week doesn't look too enchanting weatherwise.  There are pictures to be taken of a little Valentine decorating around the house...today looks like the day to do it.


Vee said…
So pretty...

And the day you are describing sounds like a little bit of heaven...enjoy every second.

(I felt like that about my statistics class, too. But, would you believe that it changed how I think about nearly everything? True. So in that sense, it was one of the best classes I ever took.)