Garden Planning

Uh-oh...it's an ADD day.  I really didn't see this coming on, but right after my Heart post, I received an email from Cook's Garden...on to their website...and I ordered seeds for my little garden.  Here's what will be growing at PlumWater Cottage:
Carmelita Tomatoes
India Paint Eggplant
Boston Marrow Squash
San Marzano Tomatoes
Pistou Basil
Summer Squash Mix
Summerlong Basil
I guess I should dig out the peat pots and seed-starting supplies before the next snow!

Get inspired...visit Cook's Catalog!

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Rebecca said...

That all looks so great! Can't wait for growing season! Not that I put in a garden anymore, no time but it is nice to dream...
Thanks for the inspiration

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