Cottage Flowers for the garden...

It's such a shame when you get Spring Fever at the beginning of February.  It makes the shortest month just drag on and on.  It's all about container gardening here...I'm now in search of a galvanized water trough for big time planting.  Easy to weed, no bending over, and closer to the sun...important when your "garden" is downtown with lots of tall houses surrounding it.  At least it's almost time to plant the sweet peas!

After ordering vegetables Sunday, I decided to visit another of my favorite seed websites and purchase flower seeds.  My mailbox should be full by the end of the week.


Good luck in your gardening! Yes - you have got right! This is the best time for gardening shoping and I nedd to buy some seeds as well......Have a nice time in your garden!
Mad Red Hare said…
Wow, those look fun. I wonder if Rural King would have a watering trough. That would be great on my deck too. We should check it out. I know we could get it in the pickup.
Vee said…
You and Sandy at Holding Patterns are so bitten. As I told her, I'm going to let your fingers do the itching!

Those seed packets have the prettiest graphics.
i love flower seed packets! hang them in my
office to remind me of what's in the garden.
Flower carpet which brought lots of celebrations and cheer to the home -on onam day.

sympathy flowers
Pam @ Frippery said…
Looks promising. I am still enjoying the snow but garden planning is definitely on my mind these days too.
Unknown said…
the warm weather cannot come quick enough! i love looking through the seeds catalogs, so many possibilities!
Brenda Pruitt said…
I got mine from there probably a month ago. And I'm dying to plant mine too. I love her seeds.