It's Complicated

On New Year's Eve Eve, I went to lunch with my friend Carol. Lunch at Grand Traverse Pie Company...pie...so good. After, we went to the movies to see It's Complicated.

The pictures shown today are from the movie. Jane (Meryl Streep) had a fabulous house in Santa Barbara, with a fabulous potting shed and an even more fabulous garden. On top of all that, she had a fabulous business called The Bakery. Beautiful, envy-producing elements of a life.

Who wouldn't love this kitchen garden? One of the dishes Jane fixed for her architect was Croque Monsieur...ham and cheese. It looked so delicious, I found a recipe for it and had it for dinner last night (preceded by a trip to Sam's to get gruyere). It was pretty tasty, as was the movie. As my friend commented, all of the "good parts" weren't shown in the trailer. P.S. Loved the purse she carried, too.

Photos: It's Complicated website


Vee said...

It does sounds like a fun movie. Hope it comes our way soon. Thanks for the review.

Debra Howard said...

Looking forward to seeing that movie. Very beautiful potting shed and garden.

Unknown said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I'm enjoying looking through your blog. Happy New Year from Houston, TX

Janet said...

I am looking forward to seeing it, the trailers were soooo good. It's here, but by the time I get around to it it will probably be on pay per View!t

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