Monday at Home

I'm usually attracted to bright shiny things, but lately rusty things are getting my attention. Rusty things and burlap...authentic things.

Today is day 4 of my 'vacation.' Swirling possibilities of things to do and accomplish during this time off---maybe some painting (furniture and/or walls), definitely some cupboard cleaning and organization, and some sewing. Soap and jelly making...it's all a possibility. Time off---full of possibilities.


Peaches from Alabama, via Nashville

Peaches---and they actually smell peachy! Can't decide if I want to bake a cobbler, make a small batch of jam, spice them, or make salsa. Leaning towards a cobbler...


Handle with care...

Handy? This is the ladies glove form I bought in Nashville...it's dated October 32, 1987. Pretty funny...not an antique, but it's a nice conversation/display piece, and the odd date amuses me.

Friday @ the Nashville Flea Market

Super hot and humid in Nashville, but that didn't keep people away from the flea market. We arrived around 9:30 and did a quick browse of the outdoor booths. It seems to be a combination Odd Lots/Flea Market/Antique Market/Farmers Market...something for everyone.
I brought my folding shopping cart but didn't need it...I stuck to small but heavy purchases.

Everyone has their own pricing strategy...you can find identical items with a vast range of prices.

The silver man had a tremendous amount of plated pieces...in various states of tarnish. Pretty stuff.

Dainty dresses hang next to farm equipment and rusty stuff. As I said, something for everyone.

Love the linens, but 7 for $48.00? Think I'll stitch my own!

Box of assorted thread...$15.00. Pretty display, though. I purchased two rosette iron shelf brackets, a rusty cross, and a ceramic ladies glove form...and a basket of fresh peaches. We had lunch at Bar-B-Cuties, a sweet little drive-in restaurant. Pulled pork, cole slaw, fries, and BBQ bread just $4.99. It was delicious!


Playcation, day 1

Off to the flea market at the Tennessee State fairgrounds today...hope to find some of the neat junk I see other bloggers find there! Pictures later...


Too darned hot...{Mosaic Monday}

Even at 5AM when I went out to water my plants it was hot...hot & humid...and this is supposed to continue for the remainder of the week (and probably for the next few months). Highs of 97 and heat indexes of 105. Lovely. It all just makes me want to drink limeades, water, and iced tea...and eat lots of fruit. My refrigerator is filled with berries, citrus, and watermelon...refreshing!


Lime Time

I love limes...the scent, the flavor...so refreshing on a hot summer day. If I don't have the time (or the limes), I usually head for the Sonic drive-thru for a Limeade. On the drink menu today at the house---Lime Rickeys. The recipe:
3/4 oz fresh lime juice
1 oz simple syrup
3 dashes Angostura® bitters
6 - 8 oz club soda
What I usually do is juice a bag of limes, add simple syrup to the juice, and refrigerate it. Pour a "shot" into a tall ice filled glass, add a dash of bitters, and fill with club soda. Refreshing... Happy Summer!



“Sit in reverie, and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind” ~~H.W. Longfellow
Some days, it's just nice to clear your mind and let fresh possibilities enter...today is a day like that.
Photo Source: Cottage Living

It's a Cloche Party!

Today is the Cloche Party at A Stroll Thru Life. I've always loved the look of cloches covering tender plants in the garden early in the season. Other than cold frames, I think my first memory of seeing a cloched plant or start was early in the years of Country Living magazine when they had an article on starting roses from cuttings....there was a little row of rose cuttings covered by upturned Mason jars--a simple, beautiful garden vignette. I've searched through my magazine clippings, but couldn't locate the picture, but it will always remain in my memory.
I've used cloches to cover seedlings, but for the most part I use them purely for decorating, whether it's a crepe paper "cake", or tea cups, cloches add a touch of beauty.
All pictures above are mine, except the second from the left on top...it's a Google image of a large plastic jug with the bottom cut out and placed over plants in early spring...great idea!


Junk Party

It's a Junk Party...courtesy of Me 'n My House. My junk is a bit low key today; I haven't been able to get a decent picture of anything the past few days. Gloomy skies and stormy weather.

This is a grain scoop---galvanized metal---not true junk because I bought it at the farm store, but it has that utilitarian look and many other uses...a candle sconce, to be attached to the fence--a vase holder (also attached to the fence) to spruce up the backyard for garden parties--and of course, its original use...no grain to scoop here, but it's a great little potting soil scoop!


Mosaic Monday~~around the house

Mosaic Monday, an event started by Mary at Little Red House...I decided to make a mosaic of favorite things and places in and around my house through the seasons. It was fun going through the photos on my computer...I'm surprised I have any disc space left!

Flag Day

Another start to a beautiful day here in SW Indiana. The storms are due in later today. In the meantime, I have more puttering to do in the little backyard. Even though it's small, I've certainly created a bit of a mess back there.
While at Rural King yesterday, I came across a large galvanized tub. It was deeply discounted--I think it had been used for a display as it was a little dusty and dirty inside. Since I was just going to put more soil in it, it was definitely a bargain. I transplanted the basil there, and added sage and thyme.
Mulch was spread...lots of big bags of stuff carried out of the car, across the street, and into the back yard. My arms ache today, but the work is not finished.


Super Saturday

Last night my friend Carol stopped over for drinks on the porch. It was pretty pleasant sitting outside--not too humid. I've made my shopping list for tomorrow---mulch, more garden soil, something to plant in a hay trough planter I pulled out of storage yesterday, and an oilcloth tablecloth. DSC00011

I took a few pictures of the hydrangea yesterday. It was cut back a little bit too much last fall and there are very few blooms. I'm glad I got my fill last summer! What I should do is take starts of the plant so I can grow my own; I've done it before with about a 50/50 success rate.


The lavender is sending up spikes that are just about to open. I love making lavender wands with ribbons and fresh lavender. The neighbors are planning a big "crab fest" for Saturday afternoon---they are the "kids next door" from last summer who put up a giant swimming pool in their driveway and had fun all season long. I've been invited and it sounds like a fun time.

Did everyone make it through the much touted Digital Switch?


All around the "yard"

On the agenda this weekend...buying and spreading mulch---and sweeping up the little dirt piles I've made. This morning has been cool and overcast; the weeds have been easy to pull since we've had so much rain in the past few days. I found a few very large pots in my little storage shed--someone gave me them late last fall and I put them away and promptly forgot about them. The backyard needed a pop of color, so I've planted pink petunias in them.


Chicken Wire Cloches

My arms are "poked"...I've been concocting cloches from chicken wire this afternoon. I'm going to progress to flower cones next...to hang from the porch or fence. I'm sure they'll be much easier to shape.

Tuesday in the backyard {smells good!}

Click to enlarge

Saturday was a "good" mail day...my issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living arrived in the mail from Raised in Cotton. I have spent many an hour looking at this issue. The pictures are just so gorgeous and inspiring.

I'm lovin' the scents in my backyard. Lavender, jasmine, and soon the scent of freesia will perfume the air.



If only you could smell this...

Last night after work I trekked to Lowe's once again. Lowe's has never been on my list of favorite places to buy plants, but this year their selection and prices are the best. I purchased three large lavender plants, some Irish moss and a Japanese painted fern for terrariums, and a Star Jasmine bush. The scent of jasmine wafted through the outdoor space and drew me in. As a bonus, it was on the half price rack. I've never planted anything like this before, so I hope it continues to grow and proliferate in my back yard. The plant is only hardy to 32 degrees, so it will have to live inside this coming winter (provided I can keep it alive that long!!).



Lots of lace...a church around the corner from my house is having their annual rummage sale. Since I'm off work today, I had been looking forward to going there first thing this morning.

For a grand total of $6.80 (nothing was marked for this sale, so I just loaded up with what I wanted, with the option of not taking it)...A lunch box...a stainless steel basket for either the garden or the bathroom...3 yards of linen, a new bottle of lamp oil, another muffin tin (for muffins or sorting beads), a large basket filled with all kinds of lace....trim lace, yardage, and lace fans still in the packaging. I didn't know I needed this much lace, but I can imagine lacy little aprons, lace shelf liners, and many more possibilities.


Tiny corners

Work is at a standstill on the sunporch...after I moved everything off (out) of it and cleaned, I hated to put things back so quickly. I knew that the baker's rack would definitely be placed there, so currently that's all that I've placed there.
I want to replace the pastel curtains with painter's drop cloth curtains, but there's no rush on that.
The weather is wonderful this morning...but it's supposed to hit 90 by afternoon. A little more puttering around the backyard and then it's time to get ready for work.