Super Saturday

Last night my friend Carol stopped over for drinks on the porch. It was pretty pleasant sitting outside--not too humid. I've made my shopping list for tomorrow---mulch, more garden soil, something to plant in a hay trough planter I pulled out of storage yesterday, and an oilcloth tablecloth. DSC00011

I took a few pictures of the hydrangea yesterday. It was cut back a little bit too much last fall and there are very few blooms. I'm glad I got my fill last summer! What I should do is take starts of the plant so I can grow my own; I've done it before with about a 50/50 success rate.


The lavender is sending up spikes that are just about to open. I love making lavender wands with ribbons and fresh lavender. The neighbors are planning a big "crab fest" for Saturday afternoon---they are the "kids next door" from last summer who put up a giant swimming pool in their driveway and had fun all season long. I've been invited and it sounds like a fun time.

Did everyone make it through the much touted Digital Switch?


Janet said...

Made it through with flying colors, thanks for askin'


Anonymous said...


I love your blogg and i wonder if I can borrow some pictures to my blogg!

Regards from Sweden and Agneta

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