Junk Party

It's a Junk Party...courtesy of Me 'n My House. My junk is a bit low key today; I haven't been able to get a decent picture of anything the past few days. Gloomy skies and stormy weather.

This is a grain scoop---galvanized metal---not true junk because I bought it at the farm store, but it has that utilitarian look and many other uses...a candle sconce, to be attached to the fence--a vase holder (also attached to the fence) to spruce up the backyard for garden parties--and of course, its original use...no grain to scoop here, but it's a great little potting soil scoop!


Mad Red Hare said…
I love it! I want one, where did you get it?
Beca said…
That's a nice use for it and decorative too. Creative mind you have.
Love it! And, yes, very creative...I am working on getting more creative with my junk. Thanks for joining in on the junk party! See you soon!
LizaWalter said…
What a very creative candle holder this is! Fabulous.

Evy said…
Love it! Such a great idea, and it does great for reflecting the candlelight to make it look even brighter!
junkermidge said…
What a great idea for a candle holder. I love it!
joyh82 said…
I love it very cute and creative.
Bet it smells good too. I love candles especially on cold or gloomy days.
The Green Pea said…
What a creative idea, thanks for the pics of the flea market. Sandi