Mosaic Monday~~around the house

Mosaic Monday, an event started by Mary at Little Red House...I decided to make a mosaic of favorite things and places in and around my house through the seasons. It was fun going through the photos on my computer...I'm surprised I have any disc space left!


Hi Teresa. First, I have to tell you I love the banner for your blog! And I love that you chose to include in your mosaic your favorite things in your house through the seasons. I love seasonal decor, so thank you for sharing these photographs. Happy Mosaic Monday! ~Arleen
ellen b said…
Hi Teresa. This is a fun mosaic idea... Have a great week..
Dixie said…
love the mosaic stroll through your home...
Oh I love the stroll through your favorite things!!! Lovely mosaic!!!

Happy MM!!!
NatureStop said…
Your mosaic is very interesting!
Carol said…
Fun mosaic, you have lovely things, it was a fun stroll :)!
ELK said…
happy to be here and see the lovelies in your mosaic!
Mary said…
Oh Teresa, what a lovely gathering of images from around your house! Thanks so much for sharing the beauty with us at Mosaic Monday. :)
Marsha said…
a beautiful mosaic of this glimpse around your house. I love the crazy quilted heart ;)
Oh, I love all of the little peeks into your house at different times of the year! I especially love the buttons!...Debbie
Its surprising how fast the photos accumulate, huh?
Very nice mosaic! The picture of your fp mantel is so pretty! Yes, I'm always amazed at how many pictures I have - I guess I should delete some!

Char said…
love the introduction to your beautiful space. I had to buy an external hard drive to keep my shots.
Hi! Thanks for joining in on my junk party and for the ideas for an herb garden...I didn't want to use pots and we are renting so I didn't want to put them in the ground...this bucket is right up my alley! Can't wait to see what you have in store for the party! See you on Thursday!

Carol said…
I love to see bits and pieces of someone's house! Thanks for sharing!
pam said…
What a fun compilation...your header reminds me of the metal tumblers I grew up with...wonderful mantle decor
Hi -- I'm a first time visitor, and I love the look of your blog. Your mosaic is very neat -- love the potpourri of "home" pics. Thanks!
Unknown said…
Neat photos... I love the mantlescape!
Have a great week!
~Really Rainey~
Becky K. said…
My eyes got stuck on the cookie jar. I grew up with one just like it!!!!

Thanks for the memories.

Have an awesome week!

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane
Vee said…
It's fun to see some of my favorites of your photos included in your mosiac. Very nice!