More Shed Chic

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All morning I've been stripping the back porch, cleaning, hosing down, and moving stuff. Lucky tomorrow is trash day! I've just come inside for a little break...and I pulled out my favorite book (which unfortunately belongs to the library, not me), and decided to take a few inspirational pictures...some of the ideas I want to incorporate into my own home.


Sedum planting

The silver shined up really nice...

Yard Sales {shop locally!}

My friend Deloris picked me up early this morning and we hit the yard sales. It was a beautiful morning to be outside. For a grand total of $12.50, here's what I found...
Cameo earrings....will they turn into something else?

A pair of silver candlesticks, an old oil lamp, a plant mister, a small terrarium jar that matches the two I purchased last month, a giant heavy hurricane (complete with pillar candle and 'vase fillers', a muffin tin, a very tarnished silver casserole, small pink candles, and an American flag to replace the one stolen from my front porch last year. Not too bad--especially since I have a use for all of it.
The oil lamp is for the sunporch...and for the mantel next winter. They always come in handy during power outages. I'm going to try and polish the casserole---and plant sedum in it. It may actually turn into a fairy garden.
We had so much fun! Now we're planning a trip to the Nashville Flea Market.


The stuff of dreams...

This is my new favorite book...Shed Chic by Sally Coulthard. The most adorable sheds...outdoor rooms, dream cottages, are featured. My favorite is the Gypsy Wagon "shed"...an actual Gypsy-styled wagon. Here are a few featured "sheds":

I've been working on my sunporch this morning, cleaning off little mud wasp habitats (their sheds?), and thinking about exactly what I want in this small space. First of all, I have to tote several boxes of books out of here...to where, I don't know. Oh, and the boxes of Santas and snowmen (no wonder I couldn't find the snowmen this past season...I forgot where I put them). Pictures will be posted by weekend's end...


More projects {some finished, some not}

I don't go in to work today until 1:00, so I've pulled a few things out to work on; the black and ecru patterned fabric is an 'outdoor' fabric--won't mildew--from the Tommy Bahama line at the fabric store. I only bought one yard--it's for a square tabletopper for the small outdoor round table. I'll have enough to do two smallish pillow fronts. Burlap...for pillows and to affix as skirting around the table and under the topper. The big star in shades of red/blue/and an antiqued beige (a mistake on my part) is going to be sprayed black (layers 1 & 3) and white (layer 2). It will hang on the front door in place of the tired wreath I currently have.

I got a little planting finished yesterday between rain storms (we got over 2 inches yesterday). Three kinds of basil - both plants and seeds - patio tomatoes, and sedum.

The newest project...clearing out the back porch, or 'sun porch'. It's small and enclosed with lots of greenhouse windows. The wrought iron baker's rack is loaded with tools and miscellany...and there are boxes of books and things being stored out there. I picture a serene space...small white lights around the ceiling perimeter, the baker's rack with a plant or two on the shelf, and a rocking chair. Simple and soothing. I have a 3 day weekend coming up (since I worked both Saturday and Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend), so here's hoping that can be finished soon.


Memorial Day 2009

Finally...my chairs are painted and put together. It took way longer than I anticipated...it seemed like any time that I had time to paint, it would rain. After many coats of paint, here they are...pretty comfortable. I'd forgotten just how comfortable they were. Now if I can get those burlap pillows sewn!
Red geraniums this year, courtesy of Megan. I added some sweet potato vine and asparagus fern.

I need to fill in this pot with some soil, but it looks much better than the "transport" pot it came in. This huge rosemary plant came from Lowe's...and it wasn't expensive. I've seen some this size at a few herb vendors, and they are prices at $40.00 (yes, $40.00). Mine was $9.98. It will give me many fragrant moments!


Work in progress...

This past weekend, my parents were here for a short visit. Dad pulled the rusted bolts from my tulip chairs so I could sand and paint them. Here they are with two base coats of flat black spray paint. I can't decided if I want to keep them flat or go glossy. After work last night I used a wire brush on the chairs to remove paint flakes and some rust and this morning I hit them up with paint. The bases are going to be white, and I want to make some burlap pillows with black stencils to put on them. I can't wait to get the front porch finished!


Change is good...

The entryway to my house has been a catch-all for the past several months. Coats and assorted outerwear on the coatrack, stacked boxes of magazines to be taken to recycling, books and papers for school (times 2), and most recently Megan's pink bicycle. Too much.
Yesterday I moved a few things around...the bicycle (temporarily) to the front porch--need to put it in the back yard area and and secure it. I moved a wrought iron settee from the front porch to the end of the entry beside my black corner cabinet and hung the tags I bought from Dawn at The Feathered Nest above it. Now the front porch is almost ready for the chairs that I still need to paint--gotta get all of this done before it gets too hot out!
I had to take a picture of the begonia...it's thriving. All of the rain and gloomy weather we've had lately has worked wonders on the window boxes.
More to tackle today...better get crackin'!


Did you know...

Once again, I'm amazed at what one can learn from blogs and the internet. Endlessly fascinating and intriguing...I can't imagine being 'unplugged.'

I found this bit of information on Cathe Holden's blog Just Something I Made. A few days ago she wrote about printing her blog. I decided I'd like to have a hard copy of mine since I originally started it as sort of a journal. I've printed out a few posts, but it never turns out quite the way I intended. I followed Cathe's directions and visited Blog2Print--it couldn't have been easier. Each book (or blogbook) can only have 1000 pictures, so I have 2 books so far. They're pretty pricey (volume 1 would have been $105.00 for them to print it), but you can get a PDF download for just $2.95. It's kind of fun to flip through the PDF file...it looks like a real book. I'll print mine someday, but now it's just nice to know that I have a virtual copy all ready to print.


Monday Morning Love (It) List

I love this kind of chair...the old metal "tulip" chairs that have made a comeback in the past few years. I have two that belonged to my grandparents. They were the original pale green color when I first obtained them. I've sprayed the chairs a variety of colors...blue, hot pink, and yellow. I've not used them for a few years and they've been exiled to the basement. The old bolts are rusted tight and I'd really like to take them apart so I can replace them...sanding and painting would be easier too. Their next incarnation will be black with white arms (and legs). They'll reside on the front porch with a small wrought iron table in between. Perhaps a burlap pillow on each with a stencilled something-or-other on them.
Next on my list of favorites...Birkenstock Arizona sandals. Year 'round footwear--just add socks. After wearing these, it's hard to wear regular shoes.

Summer drink of choice...Coke Zero (along with iced tea and coffee). Love the taste of Zero, hate the taste of Diet Coke. Go figure.


Mother's Day Weekend

Photo: Jeanne d Arc Living

This weekend is always an 'overload' weekend in our household. My daughter's birthday was yesterday...it always hits close to Mother's Day, and this year we have a college graduation thrown into the mix. It makes for a full weekend.

We had the best time yesterday, shopping for 'career' clothing for Megan's new job. We then spent a bit of time in the estrogen-infused atmosphere of our newly-opened Sephora. The ringing of the cash register didn't indicate an economic downturn. What a fabulous place! I usually purchase cosmetics at CVS or WalMart, so there was sticker shock involved...but Megan bought a Bare Minerals 'starter kit' for me for Mother's Day. The shopping was followed by lunch at Maxine's...hands down, our favorite place to eat.

The fun continues this afternoon...


Friday Night...

Played around with the camera and a tripod today. I still need so much more practice! I'm doing a program for our Adult Summer Reading Program at the library in June...we'll be making earrings and I'll be showing a few wire wrapping techniques. The theme for SRP this year is Be Creative @ your library.

I picked up the latest Artful Blogging issue this afternoon. There's some pretty spectacular photography in this issue. It's fun to see blogs I read faithfully featured in this beautiful publication.