Memorial Day 2009

Finally...my chairs are painted and put together. It took way longer than I anticipated...it seemed like any time that I had time to paint, it would rain. After many coats of paint, here they are...pretty comfortable. I'd forgotten just how comfortable they were. Now if I can get those burlap pillows sewn!
Red geraniums this year, courtesy of Megan. I added some sweet potato vine and asparagus fern.

I need to fill in this pot with some soil, but it looks much better than the "transport" pot it came in. This huge rosemary plant came from Lowe's...and it wasn't expensive. I've seen some this size at a few herb vendors, and they are prices at $40.00 (yes, $40.00). Mine was $9.98. It will give me many fragrant moments!


Mad Red Hare said...

Dang I missed that one at Lowes. I saw a rosemary "tree" at Schnucks for $24. No way I would pay that, but you defiitely got a bargain! The chairs look great.

Vee said...

Your chairs are beautiful. What a nice job you did on them. It's a bonus that they're so nice and comfortable. I love rosemary. You'll enjoy it so much and don't forget to try Ree's Crash Potatoes recipe using rosemary. Too yummy for words!

From A Creative Heart said...

Love the pictures...and I had a huge rosemary that I purchase as just a small thing from Lowes a few years ago....the guys working on our yard moved it and it didn't like where it was transferred and died!! I really hated that...so I need to look for a new one to start!!

Janet said...

Great buy at Lowes. I want some rosemary and I balk at $4. for one sprig or $40 for a huge pot. I don't have much luck growing it, but I want enough so that I can cut generous amounts when I need it. So, off to Lowes tomorrow!


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