More projects {some finished, some not}

I don't go in to work today until 1:00, so I've pulled a few things out to work on; the black and ecru patterned fabric is an 'outdoor' fabric--won't mildew--from the Tommy Bahama line at the fabric store. I only bought one yard--it's for a square tabletopper for the small outdoor round table. I'll have enough to do two smallish pillow fronts. Burlap...for pillows and to affix as skirting around the table and under the topper. The big star in shades of red/blue/and an antiqued beige (a mistake on my part) is going to be sprayed black (layers 1 & 3) and white (layer 2). It will hang on the front door in place of the tired wreath I currently have.

I got a little planting finished yesterday between rain storms (we got over 2 inches yesterday). Three kinds of basil - both plants and seeds - patio tomatoes, and sedum.

The newest project...clearing out the back porch, or 'sun porch'. It's small and enclosed with lots of greenhouse windows. The wrought iron baker's rack is loaded with tools and miscellany...and there are boxes of books and things being stored out there. I picture a serene space...small white lights around the ceiling perimeter, the baker's rack with a plant or two on the shelf, and a rocking chair. Simple and soothing. I have a 3 day weekend coming up (since I worked both Saturday and Sunday of the Memorial Day weekend), so here's hoping that can be finished soon.

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Vee said...

You are nesting...full speed ahead. Don't overdo it on those days off, but do have fun accomplishing your tasks.

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