The stuff of dreams...

This is my new favorite book...Shed Chic by Sally Coulthard. The most adorable sheds...outdoor rooms, dream cottages, are featured. My favorite is the Gypsy Wagon "shed" actual Gypsy-styled wagon. Here are a few featured "sheds":

I've been working on my sunporch this morning, cleaning off little mud wasp habitats (their sheds?), and thinking about exactly what I want in this small space. First of all, I have to tote several boxes of books out of where, I don't know. Oh, and the boxes of Santas and snowmen (no wonder I couldn't find the snowmen this past season...I forgot where I put them). Pictures will be posted by weekend's end...


Mad Red Hare said…
Um, does the library have this book? If so, I think I might need to check it out. I want Shawn to move our shed closer to the house so I can have a little cute hide away. He is on vacation next week, perhaps I should put that on his list. Again.
I need to find that book! It sounds great.
Love your plans for your sunporch.
The chairs turned out fabulous!
That is a book right up my alley! Looks great.
♥, Susan
Pam @ Frippery said…
I have been looking for a book to use a gift certificate on. This may be the one! Thanks, Pam
Your photos are wonderful! What a beautiful sunporch and rooms!
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Thanks for the post :-)