20 Little Things

If I could pick and choose my seasons and live through them year 'round, it would be six months of autumn followed by six months of spring. We'd forget about Old Man Winter and the Dog Days of Summer. Following the prompt from Melissa at The Inspired Room (and don't you just love her blog? Always inspiring (of course), and so chock full of great ideas), here are my 20 little things to treasure in autumn...

1. The colors of the season...mellow earth tones replacing the brights and bolds of summer.
2. Hot beverages...cider, tea, hot chocolate...I love them all.
3. Pumpkins and gourds in free-for-all displays
4. Stews and soups simmering in the crockpot.
5. The scents of autumn...cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, "pie spice"
6. Candle-lit evenings
7. Spare time spent in gift-making for the holidays.
8. Leaf sounds rustling underfoot.
9. The crisp scent of the air at night...with little hints of wood-burning fireplaces.
10. Bonfires, marshmallows, and storytelling around the fire.
11. Bread making and baking
12. Halloween...my favorite holiday
13. Sweaters
14. Pulling back on home heating..."free" (if you will) days from the power company.
15. Harvest meals
16. Wool socks
17. Quilts
18. Clear skies, sunshine, and NO humidity
19. Fall festivals
20. Family gatherings


sweet momma luv u said...

Love your list Teresa. Fall is such a beautiful time of the year.

Your title picture is simply beautiful! I love hydrangea's!

Happy Fall Days!

Vee said...

It's a great list! (I should really stop reading these because now I'm worried about copying. :D)

jill said...

Enjoyed your list! I see many of my favorites. Enjoy the season and the comfort it brings!

Baby Vagabond said...

I've really been enjoying reading everone's lists. I say "Amen" to all of them!

((hugs)) Rosie

Kathy said...

I agree about skipping winter--by now we are hearing the term "before the snow flies" pretty regularly. As in, we need to get in wood, we need to stock the pantry....I enjoyed your list. Happy Autumn! ~Kathy

twinkle said...

Love them all!

Anonymous said...

Love your list - especially the colors of the season and harvest meals!


Anonymous said...

Just stopped by from The Inspired Room. You have a great list! I love pulling out the quilts this time of year as well.
Wishing you a beautiful autumn,

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Hi Teresa! I could skip the dead of winter and the heat of summer too! Fall is absolutely hands down my favorite because here in Oregon, it is often still sunny and nice but just enough crisp in the air that you can wear a sweater. PERFECTION!

Love your list! Hope you are well...

Fall blessings,

Kathy said...

Love your Autumn list (and your header is so pretty)...Kathy

Unknown said...

I like your list! I forgot about Fall Festivals!

I'm adding you to my blogroll. I am so inspired by you! I separated from my husband in June and now, a chronic under-achiever, I am facing age 45 still wondering what I will be when I grow up!

I may email you too, if that's okay?

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