Wine Fest/Loft & Condo Tour

We started out early...the Art, Wine & Jazz Fest began at 11:00 AM. In our minds, drinking on Main Street before noon sounded like the thing to do. There were just a few people out and about at that hour, so the big wine tent wasn't too crowded. Venders from local vineyards were in attendance...our favorite was the Oliver Winery.
We stopped at the new Wine & Dessert Bar (to be opening in early November). It's located in the lower level of a new condominium. While we were there sampling desserts (and they were very good), we spoke to the owner of the new complex. He took us on a tour of the penthouse (priced at just under a half million $$), and then on a tour of the more affordable (?) condos, priced at a mere quarter mil.
Megan fell in love with the condo...she now has a new feature to her five year plan...owning one of these.
The condos have wonderful decks and views...but some of the views aren't so great...you're overlooking a parking lot and a uniform supply shop in some cases.
We loved the circular staircase, but agreed that we wouldn't want to be carrying anything too cumbersome up (or down) the staircase.
The circular corrugated span conceals a half bath.
We both loved the built in display/book area and the library ladder.
Nice kitchen...complete with professional gas range, wine cooler, and french door refrigerator.
Murphy bed in the upstairs area.
The view from above...pretty nice.

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Vee said...

Now that just looks like fun living! No wonder Megan is enchanted with it...nothing like having a dream to strive for.

(The weather looks nice and warm there.)

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