It's back to school time

The University of Evansville has such a pretty campus...lush green lawns, beautiful flowers, and some ancient buildings that give the school an established look. This evening before class, I was wandering around the front circle and decided to take a picture of this tree that dominates a large portion of lawn.

The program I'm in now is the Masters of Public Service Administration program. My first class is one on leadership, and I've got to admit that I when I left campus at 9PM, my head was throbbing. Yikes!


Sue said…

Your head will stop throbbing--I promise. Then you'll attack the leadership class like you appear to do everything I see on you blog-
First Rate---------------

Anonymous said…
You go, Teresa. Good for you.

Well, not the hurting head part, but you know what I mean. ;-)
Unknown said…
Good luck with your studies...hope your head stops throbbing!

What a beautiful tree!

What a neat thing to be back in school. I love going to school and one of these days I plan on going back for my Masters. That is such a neat tree. I always enjoy your blog.
Anonymous said…
That tree is so beautiful! Good luck with your studies ... I'm sure your head will stop throbbing soon.
~ Lynda