Frog Follies

It's Frog Follies weekend in Evansville...what is that, you ask? Every year on this same weekend, the area is inundated with hot rodders from all over the US. The difference in 'hot rodders' and classic cars? The cars have to be pre-1949, and modified in some way. This is a fun weekend to people-watch--these cars are all over the roadways, filling all of the hotel parking lots, and their owners filling our restaurants. If you're a local, this is the weekend to stay home and cook! Most all of the FF activites take place at the 4H Fairgrounds, and another thing (other than the crowded restaurants) you can always count on for FF weekend--hot and humid weather, and most likely thunderstorms.


Vee said...

Gotta love those tourists bringing some good hot moolah to town! Does this mean that you're going to finish up your dress form? :D

Junie Moon said...

I've not heard of Frog Follies before but love the name and the idea. It all sounds like grand fun to me.

Cottage Rose said...

Sounds like a fun time I love old cars any kind. Love the photos.
Have a great weekend.


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