And it starts again...

The beginning of a long workweek for me...five days in a row...will I make it? Usually there's a day or so splitting up the workweek, so I can mentally skip through the week. Not this time. In addition, today is when I get the word on if I will be starting school tomorrow evening, or waiting until the new semester in January. The last time I talked about this, I was the one wondering if that's what I wanted to do. After speaking to 'the people in charge' and finding that the right person was not in the office and would not return until today, I was kind of left hanging. Misdirected paperwork, crossed lines, and just general confusion led to this today's the day.
I must say that I'm worn out after yesterday's antics. It seems like I'm always moving something around, but it's usually not the really heavy or loaded with items stuff. As usual, I've left things in an incomplete state, so I will be walking through the door into a 'mess' after work. I have nail holes to fill and paint, a decision to make on where to put the mustard colored display cabinet (that hung on the focal wall of the foyer), and then there's the general stuff I neglected yesterday while moving, framing, hanging, sitting and thinking. Hmmm....I think I need another day off!


Sue said…
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Sue said…
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Sue said…

Go go go for your degree first or second.

Love the cupboard.

Junie Moon said…
Just knowing a week will be challenged makes me tired before it even starts. I hope yours settles down into less a frazzle and that all goes well.
Miss Teresa....because I LOVE your blog and always learn something. I am giving you a bloggy award!!! Stop by my blog to pick it up!!!