Later that same day...

Today was one of those days...I'd move something, sit back and decide what to move to fill the void, move something else...take a break and frame some postcards, move something else...and get out the big long-arm duster to get rid of the dust and cobwebs (authentic Halloween decor, but not wanted now).

I know that it's only the middle of August and Halloween is 2 1/2 months away, but I'm looking forward to putting out my decorations...maybe just in the foyer for now. By the time it's actually appropriate to pull out the decorations, I probably won't be in the mood, nor will I have the time...that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it! I should be doing laundry and getting ready for the work week, but I keep puttering around. We'll see how far this goes by the end of the evening.


I think your pictures are very cute. My cousin always says she is puttering around. That is such a neat idea to frame postcards. I must remember it. I should be getting ready for the work week too, but here I am looking at blogs. This is fun, the other will have to wait.
Steph said…
Those framed post cards are soooo cute! I may have to steal that idea from you! (If I can find the postcards!)
Jean said…
I love your Halloween postcards. My husband and I have been collecting vintage Halloween for years which is in barrister cases in our family room year round. I can't wait to get it all out around my house. I will start my fall decorating the first week in September. I also have newer halloween too if it catches my fancy. Its almost Autumn(I hope). I'm so tired of the hot summer.
Have a wonderful evening.
Jean in virginia