How I spent my morning...

One of my JoAnn purchases from Friday was scrapbook paper, sale priced at 5 sheets for 96 cents. To cover the interior of the top of my little corner cupboard took 12 pieces, but what a difference it made!
I'm going to move the cupboard to the foyer and display vintage Halloween items there. I love the look of black and white with a pop of orange.
I put a few items in the cupboard just for photography...without anything, it's a little op-artish. I've seen this same paper on a few other blogs lining hutches. I love the crisp, clean look of it. I used double sided tape to secure it to the white painted surface of the interior. After the Halloween items are in place (or my next trip to JoAnn's), I'm going to look for a subdued paper pattern for Christmas decorating.


Love this!!! Great job....
Anonymous said…
The cupboard looks great. The splash of orange is going to be the perfect addition to it. Have a great day! D~~~~
Fran said…
I have this very same paper in a drawer to do the very same thing with. You have motivated me to get it out and put it up. Thanks. It looks wonderful!

Sue said…

Love the cupboard, great look.

Tara said…
This adds a very interesting dimension!

Joanne Kennedy said…
Oh I can't wait to see it filled with Halloween stuff. You did a great job of matching the corners up.

Mad Red Hare said…
That looks great! Your cool Halloween pieces will look so neat in there. Did you paint the cabinet too?
Gone said…

I love what you did to your cabinet with that beautiful paper!!