Sunny Monday

Rumor has it that all of the snow and ice hanging around these parts will be melted by weeks' end.  That's exciting news!  The sky is ultra blue today...and the sun is shining brightly.  I really couldn't ask for more.  The day started out with a painting session in the basement of the library.  I was joined by two other people, and we had a great time.  I'm working on two canvases, and I really have no idea of how they'll end up.  Ronda finished her painting, and Sandy worked on three canvases.  Ambitious.

Our work is on display at Central Library, beginning today.  Click the link, and you'll be transported to the online version.  So exciting!

New stuff...not finished.

Where I left it today...1.7.13


Vee said...

Very cool, you lifelong learner, you! What? No snow and ice? What kind of a winter is that? (Besides the best kind.)

Donna said...

I enjoyed seeing your cheerful artwork! Have fun painting. I'm painting too (amongst other things)! One of these days, I may have to check out Brave Intuitive Painting.

Catching Up

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