Ten weeks until Spring

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Sunday morning, as usual, finds me watching CBS Sunday Morning. The first thing to catch my ear this morning was the statement by Charles Osgood saying that it's ten weeks until Spring. That's manageable...days and weeks tend to fly by...ten weeks. Time to check the floral department of Schnuck's to see if the primrose, cyclamen, and the other late winter-early spring specimens are available.

Plenty of time to think about starting seeds, too. This year, for certain, lots of Black-eyed Susans, both the plant and the vine...love the yellows twining around blue bottles on my soon to be constructed bottle tree.

by Teresa

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Vee said...

The way weeks race by as if they were days lately, it'll be here in no time. Love that bottle tree! Your post reminded me of my little yellow primrose and so I will be looking for some when I next arrive at Wal*Mart.

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