Keep Calm...

Taking a little break from the weather forecasts today to bring up another overexposed news item, and a fond memory of mine.  I'll be watching the Royal Wedding early, early Friday morning;  coverage of the event begins at 3AM in my enchanted neighborhood.  I've tried to avoid other coverage of the upcoming event, but it's hard to avoid since all of the morning news programs have sent staff across the pond to cover the wedding.

I remember the excitement and oh so romantic stories surrounding the wedding of Charles and the time I lived in a small courtyard apartment complex.  One of my across-the-courtyard neighbors and I would chat in the parking lot when we were coming or going...and we "bonded" on the royal wedding.  We planned a small but elegant breakfast on the morning of the wedding.  I remember getting up (or perhaps I didn't go to bed--I was "young" then) and cooking...and serving the food on my pale blue and white china.  We watched the wedding and drank mimosas. 

Two vacation days are coming 6PM this afternoon/evening, I'll be officially off for the next four days.  No fancy wedding breakfast is in the works, but I'll be front of the TV drinking coffee and watching the latest fairy tale come to fruition.  I hope happiness is on their agenda.

Photo: Mr. X Stitch


Mad Red Hare said…
I am excited for the royal wedding! I can't decide which channelwill have the most to set the DVR for.
Timelesslady said…
I watched all of the first royal wedding as a twenty-something. I watched everyone arriving for this one, and have enjoyed the "Snippets" of the day that have aired throughout the day. I wish Diana's boys well...she was a lovely woman.