Life along the river...

While I worry about getting my meager "crops" out, there are definitely more serious issues at play in our area...the flood walls went up yesterday along the Ohio River in downtown Evansville.  After the standards are all in place, sheets of aluminum are inserted, providing protection from the rising waters.This photo is from the Evansville Courier Press.

This picture (taken by Johnny Kincaid and posted on the Superhits 105.3 website) is of the Casino Aztar plaza. Water is level with the plaza...and that was before the overnight storms that passed through the area.

Another photo by Johnny Kincaid...of the Dress Plaza area along the riverfront.  What you're not seeing is the seating available under the water.  Pretty scary!

On another note, when the river hits cresting stage in Newburgh, Water Street will be under water.  Maybe it's a good thing that I don't still live in that little cottage!


Mad Red Hare said…
It is getting pretty scary here. Since I have 2 family members employed by Casino Aztar, they may have to shut down the boat. You get to use vacation if you have it, if not, no pay. Not to mention all the people and animals displaced by the flood waters.
Vee said…
Oh it doesn't sound good out your way. Stay high and dry!