Friday the 13th...

Friday the 13th...the beginning of a 3 day weekend for me, and it's my birthday. While thinking about a topic for today, I came across this quote:

"I find a heaven in the midst of saucepans and brooms." St. Stanislaus

Add just a few more elements, and that is my idea of heaven, too. I'm always happiest at home, puttering around--doing something, doing nothing. This is going to be an "at home" weekend, cleaning, fussing, fluffing, and yes--purging. The start of my personal New Year, so to speak.

Of course, a bit of celebrating is on the agenda, too. Dinner out, and a Saturday morning adventure with a friend. Happy Friday!

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Protector of Vintage said...

Happy Birthday!!

Matt said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday this year on Friday the 13th!

Mad Red Hare said...

Hope your birthday was a good one. I too am going to start "purging" as well. Not only physical stuff, but some mental stuff. It is time for some changes around here!

From A Creative Heart said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Hope it has been a good one!!!

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