YART Recap

Here we are, high above the city on Reitz Hill...overlooking the Ohio River and the Reitz Bowl.
The bungalows on this street are just charming...the only drawback are the steep front yards. The yards and streets soon filled up with vendors and patrons.

Sandy's paintings...she is a former co-worker at the library, and is the person who first told me about YART. Our tables were adjoining.

Sandy---selling her first painting to an obviously happy customer.

My "stuff"....I sold several pairs of earrings...the Gail Wilson Early American doll kits (2 years worth!) are now on their way to be eBayed. They.must.go.
Sandy's "stuff"...lots of pretty beads 'n things.
A customer enjoying the pretty spring day, amongst the dogwoods.

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Vee said...

What beautiful weather you enjoyed and I bet the company was a lot of fun, too!

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