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I must be feeling especially chatty today...no one home to talk to, so this is my second post of the day.

With proceeds from yesterday's sale, I purchased some annuals for my two iron flower boxes for the front porch. Small white Wave petunias, and coral tuberous begonias (ii?). I bought the boxes at the Ferdinand yard sale a few weeks ago...two iron boxes with a dragonfly on the front. I did't have any coco mat around to line them, so I cut a few layers of burlap, lined the bottom of the planter with a large zip-lock bag and filled it with soil. It seems to work.

I feel like I'm so late in planting things this year, but it's been such an odd Spring. I still need to work on a raised bed in the back courtyard. That little area has been so neglected. The first year I lived here, I put in a pond (in a whiskey barrell), and had a really pretty container garden. It's been downhill since then. I walked out there yesterday to get the umbrella from the basement and lamnia and other assorted weeds were nearly knee-deep. I pulled a garbage bag full of weeds so far today. Little by little. Sometimes I feel like I need "man-hands" around to help with some of this...especially when I'm in building-mode.

An update on the brioche...something went terribly wrong! The dough was so moist...I added a bit more flour, let it rise, and ended up plopping it in a bread pan instead of rolling (impossible to do) it into triangles and rolling them up. It baked into an inedible brick...truly my worst baking disaster. I ended up making cherry ginger scones (inspired by Vee's scone making) instead and they were delicious.

The drink of the day: Fresh lemonade with a splash of Limoncella. Yum.

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Vee said...

Cherry ginger scones? Don't you think that you should share? Hmmmm?

Soooo, do you know what went wrong with the brioche? It's discouraging to have that much into making bread and all those ingredients and have it go all wrong.

Your flowers are beautiful!

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