Today's To-Do's~~~~~

Photo: Italyculture.com

Busy, busy, busy....lots of things to do today. This week I came across a recipe for Italian Brioche...I have the dough "working" in the bread machine right now. Eight (or so) hours in the fridge, a lot of messing around with the dough, and lots of little croissant-type buttery rolls will appear. I'll be sure to post a photo of my own when these come out of the oven. If they are as tasty as they look in the cookbook, I'll post the recipe too.
Other To-D0's:
  • Bundle up quilt/craft magazines and books for YART
  • Pack up table cloth (old quilt), folding chair, big canvas umbrella (and stand)
  • Grocery and wineshop --we had Bellini's at Bunco last night, and they would be a delightful drink for after the sale tomorrow.
  • Trip to the little cake decorating supply shop for cellophane wrappers for homemade soap.
  • Make a batch of Merlot Rosemary Jelly and a batch of Camomile Jelly (also for YART)--we'll call it food arts...
  • If there's time...go to the basement and pull out the white coffeepot lamp!


From A Creative Heart said...

Good luck on the Yart...I just think it is such an awesome idea.

And when you have time...do you have a jelly recipe you can share? I am new to the whole jelly thing and would like to make some.


Vee said...

Best wishes! You sound crazy busy today. Hope you'll take some photos of the YART, too.

frippery said...

I will see you tomorrow at YART. We are driving over from Cincinnati. Can't wait to check it out. Pam

Mad Red Hare said...

I am hooked on the "Bellini" myself. Megan and I are going to Schnucks later for the makings.

Sue said...

I hope you do find time to find that lamp! Have fun!

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